State archive in Duisburg, Germany

Provides vehicle licensing, titling, and registration information as well as forms and contact information. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Logon is being prepared Please disable Internet Explorer's compatibility mode.. This setting is to support older sites and the setting additionally removes modern features that this site uses. Licenses and regulates plumbers and plumbing inspectors. Information about board members, meetings, rules, licensing and examination schedule, and complaint procedures. The official website for Florida Medicaid with information for recipients and providers. Out-of-State Applicants Announcements. Dec 29 2021. January 2022 Closed Session Agenda. The January 2022 Closed Session Agenda is now available. Dec 14 2021. Committee of Credentials Vacancies. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing is seeking applications to fill a vacancy for the Elementary Teacher and School Board Member positions on the ... Welcome to the California State Legislature web site, the gateway to California's Legislative web sites. For an overview of the legislative process in California, please visit the Citizen's guide to the legislative process at the Capitol Museum website.

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2022.01.16 07:13 KingThorMan 28m, I want a change in my life. What career choices am I eligible for, and which one should I choose, and how fast can I get on that?

Okay so a little bit of backstory about me. I am very big, about 6'4" and probably 245 rn, pretty solid as well. I have low testosterone, because I used to mess around with anabolic steroids, in college I played football and everybody was doing em, so I figured I had to do em to compete. So I did them and unfortunately, my natural testosterone levels got lowered a lot, and they never really recovered. I am working on getting on the hormones to repair my natural t, but having a job that doesn't give benefits, and having just Medicaid state-funded insurance, they really don't like doing this type of stuff for you. Same with the actual testosterone, so I am walking around with an extremely low libido, barely able to get erections, way less confident than I should be, not enough energy, it really sucks honestly. I've been on and off of testosterone for 5 years, ever since I stopped doing steroids and noticed my natural testosterone was low, and usually I just get it by either buying it online, or buying it from a so-to-speak anabolic steroids dealer, both illegal but I have to do what I have to do. Unfortunately, my ex-wife didn't like me doing this anymore, so she threw away my testosterone and told me to get it through a doctor. So I went to a doctor and had my blood work done, and it showed it was low, at something like 230 ng/dl, and they prescribed it, but the insurance won't fill the prescription because they say I need to go to a doctor that specializes in hormones. And then the clinic I go to really doesn't wanna put that much work into helping me, because it's a shitty government-funded clinic, so they haven't even referred me to one yet. So I decided that I'm just gonna go get back on testosterone, now that I'm not even with my ex wife anymore (total b****). But unfortunately, she purposefully deleted my testosterone guy's number, from my phone and hers, so I've been trying to find a new guy to get testosterone from, but idk where to look even. So if I could get help on that as well, that would be greatly appreciated.
The reason I even spent so much time on explaining my hormone situation, is because my low testosterone keeps me from being able to do a lot of heavy physical labor jobs. I just can't keep up really. I have a job at a factory now, and it is absolutely taking everything out of me, just killing me. And I eat well, and I try to get enough sleep, and I am otherwise healthy, and I just have the damnedest time with it. And the pay is shit. So I really want a change. And I'm confident that if I got on testosterone, that I would be able to do any job at all, no matter how physical.
I have about 2 years of college education, but I had to drop out. I have a high school diploma. I am very good at writing, but I know that doesn't help with much. I'm decent with tools too. I was thinking about going into one of the trades, and I would've done so already, but I have not been able to have a driver's license or vehicle for 4 years because of a felony DUI, and most of them require that. But now that I can have my driver's license back, I want to try that. But I don't even have a car to take the driver's test with. My parents don't even live in the same state as me anymore, but they do come down and see me, and they help me financially a lot. I was thinking I could have one of them come down and let me use the car they drive down in, or the rental car they rent, if they fly in. They are divorced, so they both come down at different times, about once ever two months, so maybe I could time that right. And yes, I've had a license before, they just took it away completely after that DUI.
As I stated, I have a felony DUI, so I have a felony, but it is just a DUI, so not a violent charge, or a drug charge, or something they consider a "serious" felony, or a gun charge, so it's not as bad as it could be. I dont have much else to add to explain myself, I don't have any other skills or certifications really, I mean I'm pretty fit and strong for someone with low testosterone still, and I'm a hard-worker, and I know a lot about physical and mental health, psychology, stuff like that.
Firstly, I'm looking for a way to get a job that pays over $15 an hour to start off, as quick as possible, maybe just something where I can take a week-long class or even just take one Saturday and get a certification and use that to get a job that makes a little more than I make now, because this amount of work I'm doing for the pay is slavery. And then secondly, I'm looking for a way to get a job that can turn into a career, that won't take years and years to get qualified for, that's why I said maybe like a trade. What are the requirements of getting into the trades anyways? Like in order to be an electrician, pipe-fitter, ironworker, carpenter, plumber, etc what tests do you have to pass? and how do I get the info to pass these tests? Do I need to take classes just to go get into the actual apprenticeship? Or where do I show up and apply to? And what do I wear and look like and tell them to get the job? All this info would be useful to me, as I am really interested in getting into the trades, as I know it's an apprenticeship that you can basically do classes and work at the same time, which sounds like what I have to do at this point in my life. I am tired of doing jobs that have shit pay and lots of physical labor, the bosses treat you like expendable shit, I'm a lot smarter than this and I deserve better, I mean this is terrible.
My stepdad is a journeyman electrician, but he started so long ago that he doesn't know how one would start up with it anymore. He's almost retired in fact. But as far as I've been told, most of these apprenticeships, the process is that you take a week-long class, and pay attention closely and take lots of notes. You take a test while the info is still fresh in your mind. You pass the test, then you get offered jobs by companies that work through the union.and then you go and get paid for work during the daytime, usually get benefits as well, and you pay taxes along with your union dues. And then you take classes for free after work some of the days during the week. Usually lasts 2-4 years, depending on the trade, until you become a journeyman, earning more and more money along the way. The pay is good even to begin with, better than fact jobs and landscaping and shit at least, and it turns into a very lucrative career after awhile, and by the time you're a journeyman, you're making a good chunk of change. otherwise, you can go non-union, and some of those companies are even easier to get into as an apprentice, but for obvious reasons they are not as accredited as union jobs. But Im not opposed to that, as long as the pay is decent to begin, and they treat their employees right, and I get a good career out of it.
Other than the trades, I've looked into stuff like a peer support specialist, where it's really easy to get into here in Arizona. All you have to do is take a week-long class, and you make $15-$18 an hour right off the bat, with the ability to move up in pay rather quickly, and they usually get tons of hours. Plus it's not any heavy labor, or out in the sun, digging trenches in the summer time or anything like that, it's just dealing with people in mental health crisis's, either in a psychiatric facility or out in the field, for some organization that helps with suicidal or people in mental health crisis. It sounds like something I could easily do too.
But I need not only to know about all these jobs, but how to get them. Like how to get the certifications, where to go to do the classes, how much it costs to take them, where to apply, etc. Ideally, there should be a job where I can just get trained on the job, and I can make above $15 an hour to start, but I'm not working for anything under that anymore, and I'm not doing heavy labor for anything under $18 an hour, because slavery isn't fun. Thanks to anyone that helps.
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2022.01.16 07:13 evverytns Am I not allowed to do summer study abroad in Madrid because you have to be in Spanish 20 or lower?

That’s what it says for the Madrid, Spain program for Harvard Summer School Study Abroad. It says it’s only for people who haven’t taken anything above Spanish 20.
I’m a first-year who was hoping to do the program this summer, but I took Spanish 30 last semester. So am I just penalized for this and disqualified from studying Spanish abroad now? That seems crazy to me.
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2022.01.16 07:13 JusuBrandon Should I learn SVO or SOV word order?

I have 3 reasons for learning Latin after Toki Pona;
I personally think it sounds badass.
I love Roman history and I want to read the literature.
After looking at Ecolinguist, it seems that it is somewhat intelligible to Romance speakers. Again, Polymathy sounds like a badass when speaking in Latin.
I know that SOV is more popular, but I want to also be understood more easily by romance speakers. They use SVO. I will learn both, but which one first?
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2022.01.16 07:13 Little-Celebration67 Bing or Albany Honors

I’m a hispanic student from NYC and I am considering either Binghamton or Albany for undergrad as a molecular bio major. At Albany, 30 credits would be accepted from my diploma and I have received a lot of merit aid. However Binghamton’s pharmaceutical programs are enticing but I have received no financial aid. Which should I attend?
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2022.01.16 07:13 BoringGuava2 The manga is so amazing right now

Especially in the last few chapters, there seems always something new to decipher.
That bastard Amado I just love and hate him so much.
Fucking bending my mind, what is he up to??
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2022.01.16 07:13 WedWas Auto Battler Work-In-Progress!
Just showing my progress so far on a project I've been working on. It's got a lot of missing features and placeholder textures, but it is functional in a way that I want to get opinions on it. Good or bad, let me hear it!
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