2y5at z9ey4 88i2b b2zht 4ht52 ndeft 26bs7 zb642 z3y8n 29ahh y9tb5 fr8kz r9sts neyf8 f6z54 ar4b3 9z3t3 s3ena 569hn szta6 sf2da What products are safe for dogs who crave hard things to chew on? |

What products are safe for dogs who crave hard things to chew on?

2022.01.16 08:00 TroLLageK What products are safe for dogs who crave hard things to chew on?

We have a 7 month old puppy that has been thoroughly enjoying having adult teeth. Before we didn't have any benebones or such because we were warned of tooth fracture... But this little demon will chew things like the metal bars on the shelf, her crate bars, the bars on the stairs, the couch leg, her bowls, her puzzle toys... Anything hard to satisfy that chew. We give her things like buffalo cheek chips, bully sticks, yak chews, kong toys, and even beef trachea but she either goes through them fast or it doesn't satisfy the chew and she leaves it to go chew on something hard instead.
We ended up getting her a puppy benebone which was VERY well loved, and now she has all her adult teeth and her benebone went to the trash because it got worn out, we got her other bones. She went through her petstages one within minutes. I am worried about the risk of tooth fracture on her adult benebone and would rather provide her safer things to chew on that can still satisfy that chew for her.
What are hard chews that are safe for dogs? We don't give rawhides, antlers or real bones because we were told of the risk of choking and splintering.
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2022.01.16 08:00 ceesaart Flashback to 1962, but Vladimir Putin is no Nikita Khrushchev, Joe Biden is no John F. Kennedy | Opinion

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2022.01.16 08:00 noleague I’m being blackmailed on kik

Yes I know I’m really really stupid for this
I sent a guy some embarrassing photos of myself, my social media and identification. I had a fetish of being blackmailed but then it turned into real blackmail. Serves me right
He demanded £30 at the start but that was more the role play of it. Then when someone else sent me a screenshot of a convo they’d had with saying they were trying to sell my info off, I called him out. He got angry and broke contact. There was no threats made. He just ended it on, give me one good reason why I should post your info?
The other guy sent more screenshots of this persons convo with them, where he said first chance I get I’m going to ruin his life
I’ve deactivated social media but I’m concerned as he found my business on insta and I can’t keep that deactivated forever as I need it to run the business
I’ve not heard anything and not sure how he would even contact me now
I am terrified. It’s not one of those normal scams where he’s asking for lots of money, I think he generally just wants to ruin my life. I’m hoping it’s all talk. Someone else that’s taking to him has sent me screenshots of the convo where he is saying he just wants to ruin my life. Not wanting any money or anything
I do have the persons real name as when I sent that £30 I got it. I’ve reported it all to the police
Can only hope now really
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2022.01.16 08:00 louigi_verona Berlin is Quiet - Lampoonery

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2022.01.16 08:00 SusDarkHole God slayer?

I've decided to launch White Night, but, as I haven't had "One Sin..." I've decided to restart the game. So, I want to ask: is there any way to suppress this abnormality without "One Sin..."? Of course, except from "Not trigger it's escape," that's not so interesting. :D
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2022.01.16 08:00 JuustoUkko Is there any chunkbans for 1.19?

I know, this question has been asked probably too many times. But is there any possible chunkbans for bedrock edition? Most that i have found are just methods of lagging out people, but that is highly dependant on the console/phone/computer theyre playing on, and thus isnt reliable. So, is there any, reliable, methods of chunkbans?
(Dont even try to say "buy java")
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2022.01.16 08:00 Nexo_CE Live Chat Support Service is Currently Unavailable

Our live chat support service is currently unavailable. We are aware of the technical issue that caused the outage and are working on resolving it. We will keep you updated on the status of the service across our channels.
For any support questions in the meantime, please refer to the official Nexo Help Center: https://support.nexo.io/hc/en-us.
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2022.01.16 08:00 Impressive-Coyote-73 The best football predictions

Coupe d'Afrique Tunisie - Mauritanie 1FT
Italie série A Sassuolo - Hellas Vérone Goal/Goal Atalanta - Inter milan Goal/Goal
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2022.01.16 08:00 usmlematerialsnet Molecular Histopathology and Tissue Biomarkers in Drug and Diagnostic Development 2015 [PDF] #Exclusive

Molecular Histopathology and Tissue Biomarkers in Drug and Diagnostic Development 2015 [PDF] #Exclusive submitted by usmlematerialsnet to usmlestudymaterials [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 08:00 tehranborj پروژه کامرانیه سپاشهر پروژه کامرانیه k2 در چیتگر

پروژه کامرانیه سپاشهر
پروژه کامرانیه سپاشهر ، پروژه کامرانیه چیتگر ، پروه کامرانیه k2 و یا پروژه سفیر 2 همگی نام یک پروژه میباشند که به علت تشابه اسمی با منطقه کامرانیه به عناوین مختلفی شناخته میشوند .
این پروژه توسط تعاونی سپاشهر در زمینی به مساحت 39500 متر مربع در حال اجرا میباشد و در شهرک مروارید شهر منطقه 22 تهران واقع شده است و همزمان با پروژه بانک ملی چیتگر و پروژه s2 در حال اجرا میباشد .
این پروژه شامل 1 برج 27 طبقه میباشد که 22 طبقه آن مسکونی 4 طبقه منفی و 1 طبقه لابی میباشد که در مجموع 177 واحد مسکونی و 200 پارکینگ و انباری شامل میباشد .
سازه این پروژه از نوع بتنی است و در مرحله اتمام فوندانسیون و شروع اسکلت میباشد و پایان آن در انتهای سال 1402 تخمین زده شده است .
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2022.01.16 08:00 AzuraMiracle What do you guys think the average penis size is exactly?

I was just minding my business on Grindr and then someone tapped me, a cryptic person with only a single peach emoji as their name. They listed that they were specifically looking for someone over 8 to 9 inches. What are the actual statistical odds of someone like that like... even existing, on Grindr, at the same time as you in your vicinity with the extra added improbability that they are even attracted/able to be attracted to you in the first place?
Like even among the country I have seen touted as the "country with the largest penises" the average is like just under 7 inches, with most countries falling FAR behind. Do I have bad data?
This sent me on a deep-dive that I don't know if I'll ever be able to come back from.
Have you guys ever actually like... encountered someone that made this a hard-and-fast rule? Did that person ever even find what they were looking for in the end?
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2022.01.16 08:00 Palmondo Crypto Vinyl Disc 2 (Free NFT Giveaway, I'm finishing sending you last one) pvote and like my open sea art to get a chance to get this nft.

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2022.01.16 08:00 sharewithme Word of The Hour: general

English: general

  1. not restrained or limited to a precise import
  2. pertaining to a whole class or order
  3. comprehending many species or individuals
Fill in missing translations @ https://wordofthehour.org/translations
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2022.01.16 08:00 ammod4life Custom rom for 8 (non pro)

Hi guys,
I just wondering if there is any android 12 custom rom which is stable enough for daily use? I am not planing to wait for OOS 12, I just want to jump to custom rom bandwagon.
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2022.01.16 08:00 mrspalmer733 Is it ok to go no-Contact bc of emotional abuse?

I was never physically neglected or harmed, my childhood was fairly happy, but my dad started emotionally abusing me at around 9, my sisters bullied me and my mom enabled all of them. Now I’m an adult, happily married and living hours away from all of them, and I don’t know how to move forward. Finally being in an emotionally supportive and safe environment has allowed me to process the years of abuse and in a weird way it feels fresh. I’ve tried for so many years to set boundaries but those boundaries have never been respected and because of that I have a hard time imagining a future with my family that is ever healthy for me (and my future family). Because of the pandemic and my husband’s unusual job I’ve been able to make excuses not to see them as much the last two years but I know they see me as the “bad guy” for distancing myself from them. Lately I’ve been tempted to take steps toward little to no contact but I can’t help but feel like I’m being unreasonable or dramatic. There’s no one big event or obvious abuse that I can point to to justify it, no one would understand other than my husband and best friends. But when I picture them one day saying or doing the same things to my kids that they do/did to me, I think I would rather lose it all than let that happen. I know I don’t have to make this decision anytime soon if I don’t want to but it’s been weighing on my mind lately.
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2022.01.16 08:00 Ok-Pangolin-1136 I’m (20M) losing hope that I’ll ever find a partner who loves me. Looking for advice

TLDR; I’ve never been in a relationship before. Whenever I’ve asked someone out (usually my own female friends whom I’ve developed feelings for), my affections have always been rebuffed. Hence, I’m feeling pessimistic at my prospects of finding a partner and am looking for insights into my situation
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2022.01.16 08:00 sayorisake Im starting a Community

Hey, I founded a new Discord Server today called Titans of Reach, we are a brand new server with emphasis on Halo and Titanfall 2. We play other games aswell and we're all inclusive. If you're interested in building an awesome and unique community let me know so you can get involved!
Theres a lack of active Titanfall 2 communities, I want to be apart of bringing light back to Titanfall.
Cant wait to see you there, Pilot.
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2022.01.16 08:00 Brief_Salad_2982 A powerful bot trading

👉There's absolutely NOTHING like this in the industry right now! 👉This project will be a game changer!!
You don't want to miss this, for real!
👉You are in FULL control of your money all the time
👉The money is in your broker of your choice
👉Totally PASSIVE.
👉Pay one time and enjoy your license forever
👉Weekly profits forever
👉They will NEVER have access to our funds
👉First In History where members are the ones that pay a trading company profits the company generated because the company NEVER has access to both our capital & profits
👉CHOSE ANY BROKER OF YOUR CHOICE, They don't tell us which broker we can use
👉It's totally passive, no need to invite anyone
All u have to do first is to register through the link below 👉Sign up for FREE and start inviting others,👇 https://expertsmoment.com/auth/registeolatunji390
For global zoom training 👇🏻 https://chat.whatsapp.com/BqajYNpmrxnJrSiGPZAG0c
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2022.01.16 08:00 Ali_king7Taro Every time Ferg plays BR I think of the sentinels hunting in Matrix

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2022.01.16 08:00 AdvancedBuffalo0 Goddess Jasmine Mendez bikini facesit

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2022.01.16 08:00 Ryozo_Tamaki Covid: Please help my fiancee(F28) & I (M27)

My fiancee and I are going to have a potentially gigantic problem. My uncle who lives across the hall from us has covid. Then constantly goes outside and while he sometimes wears a mask while inside its not often enough (though I think him having covid will change that)
We share the bathroom (closer to his side of the hall) & kitchen (though we have are our fridge and air fryer in our room) the issue arises with our health. My fiancée (Hispanic, 5'1 130lbs) has crohns disease which leaves her with a very at risk immune system. She also has endometriosis on top of other things.
I (African American, 5'8 230 lbs) tend to have less things wrong. I don't get sick typically as often as she does. We are both vaccinated and she is boosted. And I think we go to great lengths to insure our health tbh.
Whenever we go outside the home we wear masks & carry hand sanitizer. And at home whenever we leave our room we take a can of lysol with us as well as put a face mask on. We just got N95 masks last week as well. Whenever we re-enter the room we spray down whatever we were wearing from head to toe and clean our hands with hand sanitizer. Any boxes from packages get sprayed down. Any items in those boxes get wiped down with lysol wipes or sprayed down. Any groceries get wiped down or washed. In the bathroom, the room we essentially HAVE to share with him we always spray down everything we need to touch.
My question is what do we do? With the precautions that we already use is that enough? Hotels for us are expensive but if we have to we will. Is there more that we could be doing? How else can we be safe during this week? Please help us.
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2022.01.16 08:00 theclaylady Orca's "brumation" slow-down just be over because he's wreaking havoc in my apartment for the last two days. He looks proud of himself.

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2022.01.16 08:00 qznc_bot2 The Heaven’s Gate website is still live 25 years after all the members perished

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2022.01.16 08:00 leejtam [SPOILERS S3] Roman Knizka posted this before season 3 dropped

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2022.01.16 08:00 Suitable-Ad-7227 throwback songs playlist

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