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Shooting a video with Augmented reality

2021.12.05 20:11 tom_Okana Shooting a video with Augmented reality

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2021.12.05 20:11 shonnamartell Young creator Hayleigh Martell!

Shes been growing fast the past few months
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2021.12.05 20:11 Sarandipitous- Oven safe lid?

The internet says up to 400 degrees, but is it okay if its 425? I have the tempered glass lid that came with the Lodge.
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2021.12.05 20:11 creedroyce It's that easy

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2021.12.05 20:11 OverloadedTech Earn with Binance

How can i earn money keeping money on binance or with doing tasks like learn crypto?
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2021.12.05 20:11 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] How Richard Petty risked his life and a limb for his career ¦ Fox Business on Youtube

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2021.12.05 20:11 mschneider1217 Worlds Collide Character Statuses and Alternate Options

With the recent end of Part 1, it's time to check up on everyone and see how their feeling, or to mourn their passing. Additionally, I will explain what would've happened will all other choice options.

Character Statuses

Joseph: Dead
He thought Clementine was stupid for telling Louis to take the shot.
He felt confident Louis wasn’t going to pull the trigger.
He was shot in the head by Gabe.

Thomas: Dead
He was grateful when Clementine decided to let him inside.
He was horrified and enraged when he found out they had killed his brother.
He was shot through the neck with an arrow by Samantha. Clementine prevented him from turning.

You left Samantha feeling: Unsure
She doesn’t know what to feel about Jonas after the fall of the school.
She was disappointed Clementine didn’t help her comfort Barbara.

You left Barbara feeling: Regretful
She was upset at Jonas for ruining Gabe’s introduction.
She was distraught at the news of Violet’s death.
She felt resentful towards Clementine for not comforting her.

Jeanne: Dead
She questioned Clementine’s decision-making for defending the school, a futile cause in her eyes.
She was taken aback when AJ called her out on her lack of loyalty.
She was eaten alive when she and AJ were cornered by walkers.

You left Jonas feeling: Conflicted
He felt as if Gabe was untrustworthy and outburst prone.
He thought Clementine was stupid for sticking around in the school.
He felt guilty for turning his back on the others.

You left Omar feeling: Grateful but Guilty
He was grateful for Clementine saving him but confused on why she did it.
He was glad he and Jonas could reassure each other.

Willy: Dead
He was happy that Mitch 2.0 was put to good use.
He was ecstatic that Clementine decided to defend the school.
He was eaten alive in the school courtyard after you chose to save Omar.

You left Ruby feeling: Worried
She was relieved when Clementine survived her neck wound.
She was appreciative of Clementine’s supporting words.
Clementine helped ease her doubts.

You left Aasim feeling: Understanding
Aasim is worried about Louis’s sanity.
Aasim was happy that Clementine heard him out about Louis.
Aasim is unsure whether or not the group will survive on the road.

Violet: Dead
She was glad Clementine decided to defend the school.
She thought Clementine was reckless for going back to the school.
She was glad that Clementine spoke to her in private.
She was bitten off-screen after falling off the ledge and Clementine stopped her from turning.
She could’ve survived to the end.

Gabe was left: Unstable
He was left emotionally unstable after unseen events following “A New Frontier”.
He was disappointed in hearing Clementine had a boyfriend.
He was relieved to see Clementine had survived the fall of the school.

You left Louis feeling: Guilt-Ridden
He was horrified when Clementine had her throat slit.
He was upset that Clementine risked her life distracting.
He was delighted when Clementine sang “Oh My Darling”.
He was devastated by Violet’s death.

AJ was left: Questioning Things
He is determined to keep Clementine alive.
He was upset when Clementine let Thomas in.
He wonders whether or not he needs Clementine anymore.

Clementine is currently: Keeping It Together
She was surprised when she found out Gabe saved her.
She was devastated at the fall of the school.
She was crushed by the death of Violet.
She hopes she can keep the group alive and together.

Alternate Choice Outcomes

Choice 1: Killing the stranger or accepting his demands.
You chose to kill him.
If you chose to accept the stranger’s demands, the stranger would’ve robbed Clementine and Louis of everything they had, and then he runs off. Clementine would be extremely pissed at Louis, and they would run into Gabe shortly after. Clementine wouldn’t have gotten her throat slit.

Choice 2: Question Gabe or let it go.
You chose to question him.
If you chose to let it go, Gabe would’ve quietly whispered the news anyway to Clem before leaving the room, without slamming the door or punching the wall. Jonas wouldn’t be as upset at Gabe.

Choice 3: Let the man in or refuse him.
If you refused him, he would’ve threatened attracting the walkers with his gun, forcing them to let him inside. While inside, AJ attacks him because he sees Thomas as a threat, and the gun goes off.
If you had accepted the stranger’s demands, Thomas would’ve been accompanied by the stranger, who was his brother.

Choice 4: Defending the school or preparing to leave.
You chose to defend the school.
If you chose to leave, multiple things would have happened. One, Willy would have survived, as they would be inside before the walkers break in. Two, the group would have much more supplies and be more prepared for the road. Three, Clementine, Louis, and Violet don’t get split up from everyone else. Four, Clementine would have her leadership question by multiple Ericson members.

Choice 5: Save Omar or Willy.
You chose Omar.
If you had saved Willy, then obviously Willy would be alive and Omar would be dead. Preparing to leave would not lead to this choice happening.

Choice 6: Louis boosting Violet, Clementine distracting the walkers, or Violet jumping again.
You chose to have Clementine distract the walkers.
If you chose to have Louis simply boost Violet, a walker would’ve grabbed onto Louis’s foot after boosting Violet, and Louis would’ve gotten free due to losing his boot. This would have later consequences.
If you chose to have Violet jump again, Violet would start to climb the wall Clementine and Louis grabbing her arms. However, walkers would grab her legs and dig into her calves. The walkers slowly pull Violet down into the horde, but Clementine and Louis keep pulling on Violet’s arms, resulting in Violet being torn in half. Be glad you didn’t choose this one.

Choice 7: Risking it for the greenhouse, playing it safe and hunting, or letting Louis and Violet decide.
You chose to go to the greenhouse. If you had chosen to just hunt instead, the trio would’ve gone hungry.
However, if you had chosen to have Louis boost Violet over, Louis would’ve actually been bitten at the greenhouse due to not having his boot for protection. Clementine would’ve cut his foot off, but without any medical supplies he would bleed out and die, leaving Clementine heartbroken and ruining Clem and Violet’s relationship.
If you had let Louis and Violet decide, they would've decided to just hunt after a lot of arguing.

Choice 8: Sing vs don’t sing.
You chose to sing.
The song choice didn’t really matter, the same thing happens regardless. But if Clementine doesn’t sing, Louis is left disappointed.
Choice 9: Climb onto the roof, fire the last bullet to distract, or fight through the horde.
You chose to climb onto the roof.
If you chose to fire the last bullet, Clementine attracts all the walkers toward her, and then Clementine and AJ run to safety. Louis and Violet are cut off by walkers and they run off, and Louis kills the walker that would’ve bitten Violet, so she survives.
If you chose to fight through the horde, they kill all the walkers and save AJ, before finding out that Clementine was bitten on the arm. Even though they cut it off, Clementine bleeds to death. Also be glad you didn’t choose this one.

Choice 10: Comfort Samantha and Barbara vs Ruby and Aasim.
You chose to comfort Ruby and Aasim.
If you had chosen Sam and Barb, Barbara would’ve talked about her regrets about her and Violet’s relationship, and Clementine eases her mind about it.

That's it. Up next is the start of Part 2. It most likely won't be until after December's Hope contest.
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2021.12.05 20:11 Bloody_Disgusting [R.I.P.] “Hannibal” Executive Producer Martha De Laurentiis Has Passed Away

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2021.12.05 20:11 deniss_1996 [Lightning Deal] Ultra Sporting Goods Heavy Duty Basketball Net Replacement $7.99

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2021.12.05 20:11 perilousconk focuses in college

so pretty much i want to go to school for ag science / botany / plant biology. they all pretty much go hand in hand so the word choice isn’t my issue. my problem is that in the area i want to stay there really isn’t much choice in the way of schools for botany- but almost every college im applying to has an environmental science program. if i go for environmental science, are there ways for me to have a concentration in plant science? or does it solely depend on how willing the school i attend is to help me?
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2021.12.05 20:11 SupraPyro Fatal Error on Startup on PC

I wanted to try out Warzone with some friends for the first time, but can't even load into the main menu of the game. I have the latest GeForce driver (497.09) installed for my 1650 Super. I cannot even load into the main menu of the game, and I feel like I have tried everything (restarting my pc, running as admin, forcing DirectX11, clearing BattleNet cache etc.). Has anyone else come across this issue and fixed it successfully, and how did you do it?
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2021.12.05 20:11 r0xXiE07 Hey, y’all! zer0 here!

I was thinking about making a Scott the Woz comic book. What do you guys think?
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2021.12.05 20:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Detroit-area artist identified in connection to Crumbley hideout | The Hill

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2021.12.05 20:11 CT-4426 Nikusa vocal enjoyers rise up

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2021.12.05 20:11 mma101willgetitdone Zoro & Sanji Same tier?

I feel like the most vocal people comments in these discussions (both sides) usually dont represent the sentiments of the many and i would love to see the majority's genuine take and opinion without being drowned out by the angry, biased, and trolls of each side. I feel sometimes people can make your opinion of a character skewed by the way the represent them by either boosting or downplaying.(again both sides).
Rules of Engagement: If you think they are in the same tier (meaning not tied but more or less same weight class so to speak, as we already know they arent equals). Like one of my two comments that best represents your answer while simultaneously disliking the other option(to keep numbers fair please dont forget to dislike other option ill sacrifice my karma if its lopsided to know the truth). Please lets try not to get people riled up and being toxic to each-other and not try to comment please!
Lets be cool yall and enjoy one piece together.
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2021.12.05 20:11 cosmicpossums Big Announcement in Minutes - MELD on Twitter

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2021.12.05 20:11 Carlos_CGS70 Recordando a Minha Formatura/Amor de Pai #MinhaFormatura #AmorDePai

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2021.12.05 20:11 synthiadaxine NY

I was injured due to equipment use at work that was broken . I didn’t feel the pain until the next day which caused me a muscle spasm It’s been a week and I’m getting better however I’ve been recommended by other employees and have started the process of workmans comp . I can’t afford to be out of work with no pay . Can I get another job while I wait . Or should I simply discontinue my ask for workmans comp because I really do feel better
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2021.12.05 20:11 altacc666999 Which distro would suit me?

Ive been using windows all my life but enough is enough. I want to switch. I usually use my pc for gaming, internet browsing and downloading stuff like movies and games. I would like something that would work for a wide variety of things. Also i am very willing to adapt and learn. I wont say no to a challenge.
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2021.12.05 20:11 therealslowflow FOR ALL: OF TIKTOK NUDES ETC.. L3AKS JOIN THIS SERVER 👇

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2021.12.05 20:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Trump calls Milley a 'f---ing idiot' over Afghanistan withdrawal | The Hill

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2021.12.05 20:11 Internal-Banana The show last night was amazing!

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2021.12.05 20:11 Jamie531 My Jeddah race review 🚩🚩

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