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so my last post got deleted ?

2021.10.25 11:50 Norbit1234567 so my last post got deleted ?

so my last post got deleted regarding tips for a person struggling to climb after 1400 RANKED GAMES and my post gets deleted?
so like i said, i asked if there are any tips with playing with people who are trolling and afking and wanna ff after 5 minutes, also how to play with league of legends bots because i swear I'm seeing them every game?
play better, how can i play when people themselves give up after 5 minutes i swear I'm getting people who are tilted, who run down or play a champ they usually don't play?
a really concerned player
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2021.10.25 11:50 AffiliateLeakz how you're going to also Download top rate inventory videos without cost without watermark || free inventory video

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2021.10.25 11:50 gamingwithcrystal1o1 Wfl?

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2021.10.25 11:50 dk240996 Here pictured a legend of their industry, a trailblazer a true inspiration to all. And a man with a cool haircut.

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2021.10.25 11:50 nawigavin Seid gegrüßt liebe Mitösterreicher_innen, wir hom erst gestern in neichn Subreddit r/zivildienst gegründet, weil’s den davor no ned gem hod und des unserer Meinung noch gföd hot. Schaut’s gern vorbei, jeder Beitrag ist willkommen, wir san grod bei schwoche 2 Mitglieder!

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2021.10.25 11:50 doubleoeck1234 I hope you can make it in portal that specialists only use 1 skin and stay the same like in the beta. For 1 specefic reason

Imagine playing infected and the zombies is just 50 Mackays all smiling as they hunt you down until they catch and stab you 36 times
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2021.10.25 11:50 amnesiac7 Facebook knew it was being used to incite violence in Ethiopia. It did little to stop the spread, documents show

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2021.10.25 11:50 Dannig178 Aline Hernández

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2021.10.25 11:50 jpstaffel Goldman Sachs Hiring Timeline

Hi everyone! As I just finished the recruiting/hiring process, I wanted to share my experience/timeline. Hopefully this helps with anyone who is going through something similar right now! Please note: Use this only as a guide, not as a concrete timeline, as things are subject to variability
August 31st: Applied to a position at GS via their website
September 2nd: Received a request to interview with an M.D.
September 7th: First round interview with the team - was mostly behavioral with some technical questions
September 7th: Team sent me a case study to complete. No timeline was given, but it’s implied sooner rather than later is expected
September 9th: I turned my report
September 10th: I turned in my excel model
September 13th: Presented my report/model to the team, answered their questions and walked them through my logic/approach/assumptions, etc.
September 14th: Had one more interview with another M.D based in NYC, and a conversation with someone in HCM (I believe it was HCM?) where she indicated they would be extending an offer.
September 14th: Filled out the questionnaires sent relating to my current job and current compensation
September 20th: Had a discussion with a VP in the group I’m joining where she gave me details about the official offer (comp., benefits, etc.)
September 24th: Received my official written offer from GS. Upon signing, they’ll send you the onboarding portal a few hours later. You’ll fill out information about your whole life (previous employment, addresses, education history, etc.)
September 27th: Filled out and submitted my background information in the onboarding portal
September 28th: Got fingerprinted as part of my background check
October 10th: Received a request to confirm employment at a previous employer, since they were having issues contacting said employer
October 25th: Received an email confirming my background check cleared and setting my start date.
I know the process can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking, but take it from me: have patience and have faith, and I’m sure you’ll be A-OK!
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2021.10.25 11:50 ReikonNaido How to start a new game while still having a saved account?

I want to start from new as I'm bored but I don't want to lose my current account. So is their anyway to be able to switch between both account.
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2021.10.25 11:50 SuccessfulBroccoli68 Is my hard-drive dead?

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2021.10.25 11:50 Far_Emphasis4898 Some questions for Electrical Site Engineers/Electrical Design Engineer/Electrical Project Engineers in renewable energy (solar & ev infrastructure projects, etc.)/ Electrical Consultants.

A little about me : I've completed Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and I always wanted to stay connected to the construction work and site related work, and upon my research, I've come across roughly these 4-5 designations. Thus, I feel like asking such questions. Primarily, I want to know about Canada's job market and engineers but getting to know about USA would be good too. Anyway, here are the questions :
1)What are your qualifications?
2) How much are you paid, rather what's the industry standard pay for these designations?
3) Do you love the job?
4) Does the companies hire freshers as site/design engineers/consultants in construction work(something like Jr. Consultant or etc.)
5) What are the tentative skill sets (hard & soft both) required for these positions?
6) Is a Master's Degree considered overqualified for such positions?
Thanks in advance :)
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2021.10.25 11:50 Marycat10 Breast pump recs

First time mom here (due in January) and I’m a little overwhelmed by all of the options for breast pumps. Rather than meticulously looking up reviews, etc. for each one - I was wondering if anyone could recommend one on here? I have Cigna insurance and they cover several. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.25 11:50 TommyBoy1984 Are Yudachi's Torps Glitched?

I know the Pan-Asian DD's have torps that can't hit other DDs, but in Yudachi (Japan) I don't think I have ever gotten a torp hit on another DD either. They just go right through as if it were one of the Pan-Asian deep running torps. Is this a known issue? I sent a message to WG support in-app, but wanted to know if it's a more widespread issue.
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2021.10.25 11:50 jlkirsch Meirl

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2021.10.25 11:50 biggiesmallz232 Only post DMV Chicks With Onlyfans

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2021.10.25 11:50 Glockspeiser FB reports earnings today. Any thoughts on selling at-the-money Puts?

They are currently at $323 at the time of this post, $60 below their ATH. They have already dropped 5.5% in the last week.
Anyone else feel like the worst is behind? I would love to hear all thoughts or opposing viewpoints.
The goal is to collect about $1000-$1500 in premium for (what seems like) relatively low risk.
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2021.10.25 11:50 Ill-Session-960 [HIRING] backend developers

Attention all the Backend Enthusiasts !This is Joseph John, Talent Scout at Skuad. Communicate and work with a global team from the comfort of your house. Sounds impossible?? It just became possible with Skuad. Skuad is a platform to build, pay, and manage globally distributed teams. We help to hire exceptional talents anywhere in the world while we handle the difficult tasks of managing global payroll, compliances, taxation, etc. This Unique opportunity is just a click away! Apply now at
Shiprocket- India’s #1 eCommerce shipping solution, trusted by over 1 Lac brands and entrepreneurs. You should join Shiprocket if you can help them power all logistics for the direct commerce market in India including first mile, linehaul, last mile, warehousing, cross border and O2O. #staylocalworkglobal
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2021.10.25 11:50 NewsElfForEnterprise Premarket Movers Monday - Tesla, Facebook, PayPal, Pinterest

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2021.10.25 11:50 nikkobuena Rams vs Lions The Good, the Bad, and the Meh

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2021.10.25 11:50 horizon087 Longni

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2021.10.25 11:50 FormerFruit What's the most luxurious spa in Cork?

Looking to get the mother a gift voucher for Christmas and looking at spas around the city. I'm looking to get something as fancy as possible, price doesn't matter. I'd probably be interested in something in a hotel also if that's an option, to include some dining voucher.
Suggestions for the most luxurious spa in Cork?
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2021.10.25 11:50 Telyaee They are the same

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2021.10.25 11:50 coinsRus-2021 Just a kind reminder

To treat other members in the group with respect, even if they don’t like the project you’re heavily vested in. No one is going to listen to your thoughts if you put that person in a defensive mindset.
The space just grew roughly 10x since last year. 90% of the folks here are less than a year into this stuff as a result. And there’s so much more growth to come.
I’m here to learn and talk with people that have a common interest with me in digital assets. Not many people in the everyday realm know what the heck we’re talking about. So, maybe let’s help each-other make smart, informed decisions.
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2021.10.25 11:50 ImKylerMurray Rams fans are pathetic😂

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