Doctors said that I don't show signs of autism - I'm confused

2021.10.25 10:16 StuplaA Doctors said that I don't show signs of autism - I'm confused

Hey, just to preface this, I'm 16 years old and I live in Europe. English is not my first language so apologies for possible mistakes.
All my life I've struggled with feeling like I'm fundamentally different than my peers (I've also suffered from anxiety and depression for almost all my life). I've always known that I most likely have some neurological disorder which is a thing I often talked with my parents as a kid but they always just brushed it off.
About two-ish years ago I started having visitations with a doctor regarding my depression and anxiety (as well as my tic disorder). After a while of going to the doctor the gut feeling of me having some condition grew (I had been trying to ignore it for a while). I started researching possible options thoroughly. I found I resonated with a lot of stuff I learned about autism. I also did a bunch of tests on the internet which all came back positive (I know that tests on the internet are not conclusive but they can give some direction) I had never considered it to be an option because of how misrepresented it is in media etc. but I felt like something clicked in my mind and I started to think it could be a real possibility that I have autism (or some condition which is very similar).
So a while back I brought it up with my doctor (who at first just doubted me) and we started talking about possibly doing in-depth neurological tests. I felt like doing test was absolutely what I needed at that point because I felt so certain that I had something (autism/ related condition being my number one guess). I got a few quizes that I, my parents and a teacher needed to fill out. The quizes were autism and adhd tests. When I filled out my part of the quiz I noticed that a lot of the questions seemed extremely childish (by that I mean that the questions were about playing in school and other stuff that would be more fitting for a 10 year old) and filled with questions around outdated tropes and stereotypes (autistic people are angry and can't feel empathy type stuff). Regardless I filled it out and returned the quizes to my doctor.
Today I had a meeting with my doctors and my parents. They basically said that the tests came back to show no sign of autism or adhd. I felt absolutely defeated. Now the possibility of getting into in-depth neurological tests was pretty much out of my reach. The doctors feel as though I have been "fixed" enough for them to let me stop going to visitations I completely disagree (but i feel as though my opinion on the whole thing doesn't really matter). Also I noticed that my tic disorder (which has been getting worse over the past 4 or so years) was almost completely ignored. I talked about it once with my doctor and I was met with a bunch of doubt.
Could it be that I'm just neurotypical?? I'm so confused. I had hope that I could get into in-depth tests to see if something was wrong but all that they gave me was quizes with a bunch of outdated and childish questions and brushed off all of what I've been feeling and experiencing throughout my life.
Thank you for reading! Any and all advice is appreciated! <3
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2021.10.25 10:16 hannahtnjordan This Android 12 update has me wanting to pluck my eyeballs out. Pixel 4.

Ever since 12 was released I've had signal issues, my 4 has to be rebooted a couple times a day, I lose touch ability out of nowhere, mail app refuses to not crash. I have it set to three button navigation cause gestures drive me crazy. The middle and left button are fine. The right button just stops working. Gotta reboot again. It's a good thing I'm upgrading to the new one soon, cause damn I'm frustrated.
Also, I must be the only person that liked the fingerprint reader on the back. I was sad my 4 didn't have it. And I'm sad the six doesn't. I like the convenience.
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2021.10.25 10:16 Magical-_-Snow Help! I know it’s not much to go on but I have a really blurry picture of the profile pick of the person who sextorted me. Think you can find them Reddit?

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2021.10.25 10:16 Massive_Dinner 🐺Safe Saitama 🐺 Fair Launching In 15 Minutes! | Earn Saitama tokens for holding! 30% of Supply Will Be Burnt 🔥 Anti-Whale & Anti-Bot Features

🐺Safe Saitama 🐺 Fair Launching In 15 Minutes! | Earn Saitama tokens for holding! 30% of Supply Will Be Burnt 🔥 Anti-Whale & Anti-Bot Features

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2021.10.25 10:16 Perfectly_flawed17 How to Build A Diversified Crypto Portfolio

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2021.10.25 10:16 hesjsjshs will it still be in my system

If i haven’t smoke any weed since around july. (smoked every other day for around a month) will it be out my system ?
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2021.10.25 10:16 Qll-Kamino metal gym workout playlisy follow :)

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2021.10.25 10:16 ReMarulk Dingy Stair Case “game link in comments”

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2021.10.25 10:16 Grizzles15RRR Tay b

Where’s bro from been listening for a long time shame too see he’s not here
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2021.10.25 10:16 jordanbelly Empire Invert Mini

The Mini GS’s characteristics are all extremely durable. You don’t have to worry about it collapsing even if you use it a lot. The chassis is astonishingly robust and long-lasting, despite its low weight and small size.
See more:
#paintballadvisors #paintball
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2021.10.25 10:16 The_Negotiator1012 What the gator doin?

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2021.10.25 10:16 aeroukou Osprey Aura AG 50 side pockets - can they fit a 1L (32oz) Nalgene?

Osprey Aura AG 50 side pockets - can they fit a 1L (32oz) Nalgene? Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.25 10:16 kallonismyname "I am not like other guys" I am a mentally unstable mess with breakdowns every 5 hours

you will never find a guy just like me I am infact so goddamn deppressed the best pills don't even do shit. and the only reason I don't want to commit suicide is because I don't gain anything from it. I also got the autisme and ADHD at which you might think hey that is just normal here.
well folks I have two more cards up my sleeve and its : fibreuze dysplasia and diabetes type 1.
and with also no crush or anything els the make me happy. I just wait until school ends.
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2021.10.25 10:16 ineedschleep Pittman Jr. showed he’s a true WR1 last night.

View Poll
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2021.10.25 10:16 Distinct-Carpenter70 Konečne

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2021.10.25 10:16 Ill-Tough-6455 Where can I farm gears?

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2021.10.25 10:16 ClassyRedneck Jerry Jones & company getting excited over a win

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2021.10.25 10:16 Fumblingthroughlife2 Trouble processing

The other night I was at a Halloween party with my partner. We were having a good night drinking, meeting new people however…. We ended up drinking WAY too much m. They got black out drunk, while I just got drunk. We decided to hang out by a man made lake ( the housing complex has lakes) and try to sober up. That’s when it got bad…. They started saying some shit that I can’t comprehend. I can’t explain it. I don’t know how to. I just know it was traumatic to hear, traumatic to witness them shut down, and even more traumatic to try to keep them alive while being drunk yourself… I can’t say what they said, but I need I don’t know. I need guidance
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2021.10.25 10:16 WhyAmIGreer Can’t get 5th card to mine? (Windows)

Hello friends,
As I’ve been building out my rig, I’ve gotten to 5 cards now. However, adding in this 5th card to the rig results in the inability to mine on one of the cards, depending on which cards I get mining first.
A bit more background:
I put this rig together from an old system I built back in 2012, save for the graphics cards: 3x RX 6600 2x RTX 3070ti i5 3570k 8gb ram 1500w total power (2x 750w) MSI B75A-IE35 motherboard
If I start the 3 RX 6600’s first, they get up and going without issue. Then when I start the 3070ti’s, one will work, and the other throws back an error saying it didn’t have enough ram to build the DAG (which shouldn’t be true, given rhe 8gb of GDDR6x on the cards)
I’m using a 4x splitter on the PCIe 16x slot, and a normal riser on one the single PCIe slots.
If I start the 3070ti’s first, they mine without issue. But then when I start the 6600s, two mine perfectly while one kicks back this error “clcreatebuffer, -4 cl_mem_object_allocation_failure” on NBMiner (the error script is different on TeamRedMiner, GMiner, and lolminer).
I’ve got it working with 4 cards, both configured with all 4 on the 4x splitter riser, and well as 3 on the splitter, one on the single riser (to confirm the issue isn’t the risers). But cannot get 5 mining together.
My question is where do you guys think the bottleneck is? Could the CPU not have enough PCIe lanes, could the motherboard not handle this many cards, etc etc. Please share your thoughts!
(For the record, I cannot switch to hiveOS or other linux mining OS’s as I remote into this PC for work-related tasks for my consultancy)
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2021.10.25 10:16 adamg8504 Installing a ceiling fan in place of light with a dimmer switch?

I currently have a ceiling light in my bedroom that is on a dimmer switch. I like the dimmer option for the light and would like to keep that feature but I want to replace it with a ceiling fan/light combo.
Is it possible to wire/get a fan/light combo that can be controlled by one dimmer switch? I'm assuming the answer is no, since I assume the dimmer switch controls the about of current (correct term?) to the unit and if the light is dimmed so will the speed of the fan, but I guess I'm not 100% sure of that. So, trying to find an expert!
I guess worst case, I'll have to maybe run another wire from the wall switch to the fan and install a second switch. That way the fan and light will have their own switch.
Thanks for any help!
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2021.10.25 10:16 GradyHudson56 I offer as tribute!!! 😂😂

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2021.10.25 10:16 Rafiqul70 Financio - DeFi solutions for all.

Financio is a decentralized exchange that is running on Binance Smart Chain, with a lot of features that will let you earn high, passive crypto reward. Financio is going to be utilized by many people while they are using social media platforms and I know that the team has many plans and strategies to make this great vision come true. $FIN #Financio #Financiofinance #Farming #Exchange #BSC #Crypto
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2021.10.25 10:16 QueensGambitAccept Disaster EA Origin / Geforce NOW integration

I bought Battlefield 1 last week and can't play it due to idiotic limitations imposed by Origin's security policy, that there is a limit of how many computers can access one account. Obviously they didn't have an idea of virtual machines / cloud gaming in their heads implementing this.
Every time I want to access and I need to wait for some amount of time (don't even know how much) because of error:
"Too many computers have accessed this account's version of Battlefield 1 recently. Please try again later"
I played the game yesterday at 8pm, ended at like 11pm, now I haven't been able to play today yet. (16 hours later)
This is a disaster.
Do not buy EA Games if you intend to play on GFN.
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2021.10.25 10:16 Liquid_Panic Started a new workout routine and my cycles are getting longer, is this normal?

I started working out regularly in mid August and have now built up to working out about 45 minutes at a time up to 5 days a week. Just in an effort to get healthier. I’m doing mild strength training, elliptical, and Yoga sort of in a pattern if that matters.
My cycles usually go between 29-35 days, and I’ve gotten to 45 before in periods of high stress (college am I right) prior to working out I was hanging around 26 days on average, August/September was 35 days, and now I’m rounding the corner on 42.
Basically I’m wondering if this in normal with new exercise routines and maybe if I’m pushing my body too hard and I should look at a longer cycle as a caution.
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2021.10.25 10:16 WillTreaty_ Famous last words

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