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American Labor Part 3: 1946 Midterm Elections

2021.10.25 11:27 ARC-7652 American Labor Part 3: 1946 Midterm Elections

November 7 - Incumbent President and Vice President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Henry Agard Wallace are re-elected despite a challenge from New York Governor Thomas Edmund Dewey and Ohio Governor John William Bricker. Democrats maintain Senate and House Majority despite losing some support.
April 12 - President Roosevelt suddenly dies of a massive intracerebral hemorrhage. Vice President Wallace is sworn in later that day.
April 28 - Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini is captured and executed.
April 29 - Italian forces unconditionally surrender.
April 30 - German Dictator Adolf Hitler commits suicide.
May 7 - German forces unconditionally surrender.
May 10 - Order JCS 1067 is signed into effect by President Wallace.
August 6 - President Wallace, alongside other Allied leaders, Emperor Hirohito of Japan, and key members of the Manhattan Project, attend the Darwin Conference in Darwin, Australia. Wallace and lead Scientist J Robert Oppenheimer demonstrate the Little Boy atomic bomb in an undisclosed location in Central Australia. Wallace tells Hirohito that America has dozens of similar bombs. A ceasefire lasting until January 1st, 1946 is signed.
August 19 - The Chinese Civil War ends. Under pressure from the United States and with memories fresh from the Australia test, Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong caves and signs the "One China" agreement, giving the CCP control of the previously Japanese island of Taiwan and possible representation on the mainland. Hostilities end and the Province of Taiwan is to enter Communist rule by March 1946.
October 14 - Joseph Stalin suffers a massive heart attack. Despite the best effort of doctors, he dies. Vyacheslav Molotov, his closest ally, is instated as de-facto leader. This is not revealed to the public until it was leaked in July 1946.
October 24 - The United Nations is founded by ratification of its Charter
December 25 - Hirohito announces the full, unconditional surrender of Japan, ending the Second World War. Critics of the "Christmas Miracle" point out the convenient timing of this surrender and suggest it was specifically timed by the United States to rouse public support. Nonetheless, President Wallace's approval soars.
January 17 - United States Senator Dennis Chávez (D-NM) calls for a vote on a Fair Employment Practice Committee bill, which calls for an end to discrimination in the workplace. A filibuster prevents it from passing.
July 1 - Operation Crossroads, a series of nuclear weapon tests conducted by the United States at Bikini Atoll in Micronesia, is initiated by the detonation of Able at an altitude of 520 feet.
July 13 - The news of the death of Stalin is leaked to the United States by a Soviet defector and is released by President Wallace in a press conference. Wallace, despite being somewhat friendly with the Soviets, immediately calls for Democratic reform in the USSR, and says that "a Tyrant has fallen".
July 24 - In the first underwater test of the atomic bomb, the surplus USS Saratoga is sunk near Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, when the United States detonates the Baker device during Operation Crossroads.
August 1 - The United States Atomic Energy Commission is established.
September 3 - The Progressive and Farmer-Labor Parties, due to the threat of going extinct, merge into the Progressive Farmer-Labor Party. They decide to only run candidates in Industrial America. A deal is struck with the Democrats that they will not challenge any incumbent Democrat and Democrats will only run candidates in Industrial states without a PFL candidate.
September 21 - President Wallace gives a radio address urging Americans to vote for the Democratic and Farmer-Labor Parties, as they are "the only way we will move forward".
PARTIES: Democratic: Ruling Party for the last 14 years. Beliefs range from Progressive to Hard-Line Conservative. Currently holds the Presidency through popular Wallace.
Republican: Minority Party. Beliefs range from Liberal to Conservative. Is calling for change after 14 years of Democratic rule.
Progressive Farmer-Labor: Minor Party. Only holds 1 seat through Robert M. La Follette Jr. and is only running in the industrial states. Beliefs range from Progressive to Liberal. Endorsed by President Wallace
Write-in: Comment who you're voting for, and as long as they were eligible in 1946, your vote will be counted towards them.
View Poll
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2021.10.25 11:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Apple once threatened to pull Facebook from app store over Mideast maid abuse | Chicago Tribune

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2021.10.25 11:27 Lucoire The MVPs of the Keyboard: the num-pad

Today I'd like to introduce you to Num-0, the MVP of Buttons, and its lesser known but very useful siblings.
If you have no target selected and press Num-0, it selects something you can interact with. That includes (among other things):

If you have targeted something you can interact with and you press Num-0, it starts the interaction. That means:
Generally, the "default buttons" selected in the UI are those that you'd want to click - activating the teleport, canceling the transaction if it would waste GC-Seals, etc
Ergo: to activate the Teleporters / Area-Transitions in Praetorium + Castrum Meridianum without having to aim your mouse and click at the exact right moment before Enemies might interrupt you... simply select the Console and spam that Num-0 button (since it activates the console AND accepts the popup)
This button is basically a right-click. It opens the context-menu of whichever UI object is currently selected. That's very useful for handing in stuff (as it opens the context menu instead of the inventory)
Num-4, Num-6, Num-2, Num-8
The Arrowkeys allow you to navigate through the UI as well as the environment.
Num-7, Num-9
These buttons are used to switch tabs left and right respectively. Very useful for Inventory-Management.
This button auto-locks your camera at the selected target or object... for whenever you might need to keep your eyes glued to someone.
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2021.10.25 11:27 Voice_Memos What’s an inoffensive but strong opinion you have?

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2021.10.25 11:27 kul916 What’s going on with NRXP?

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2021.10.25 11:27 Dimathevs Would appreciate reviews of my SOP for MS in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, if possible.

I'm applying for a Master's programme abroad in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. A statement of purpose is required and I believe I have a draft I'm satisfied with ready. But I don't have many people to send it for review, so I'd appreciate this kindness from strangers here, if possible. Being a programme abroad and english not being my main language, even though my english is fairly good, possible grammar or strange ponctuation is a concern of mine as well as of course the general structure of it, since this is my first real SOP writing.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.10.25 11:27 Neither-Rich-7891 I love it

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2021.10.25 11:27 jobsinanywhere Who will challenge Macron in the presidential vote?

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2021.10.25 11:27 Summer-chan7 Help looking for deleted mod

Hi there I've been trying to get my hands on a mod i used to have but it says it was deleted it was called Blueprints for skyrim le it basically let you make an instant follower using racemenu presets as a base i was wondering if anybody still had a copy they could share?
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2021.10.25 11:27 BrightscapesArt Twilight Woods, Mike Kraus, gouache, 2021

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2021.10.25 11:27 wickphotography_ Spooky festivities with Michael and Sam

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2021.10.25 11:27 Dragounat Jag hatar västtrafik och Göteborgs spårvägar.

Tack för mitt Ted talk.
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2021.10.25 11:27 JimJohnson9999 STA Player's Guide and Gamemaster's Guide available for print pre-order with digital delivery

Didn't see this noted here--the PG and GMG for STA are now available for print pre-order, fulfillment expected in Jan 2022, though all pre-orders get the digital files immediately. Digital-only release will happen when the physical editions start shipping.
UK Store:
Player's Guide
Gamemaster's Guide
US store:
Player's Guide
Gamemaster's Guide
I also made a short video the other day briefly discussing these and the new tricorder set. Enjoy! #LLAP
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2021.10.25 11:27 shanabailey MMA-200 AC230V 200A MMA Welding Machine [EU] for 44.78 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $44.78) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
Here is the link (Banggood): MMA-200 AC230V 200A MMA Welding Machine [EU]
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BGd5bafc
Current price is $44.78. The lowest price in my database is $44.78 on 13.10.2021.There're already 9 records in DB. Price monitoring since 25.3.2021!
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Good deal with nice discount.
You can also check other channels:

  1. FB group
  2. Telegram
  3. Twitter
Image: https://i.imgur.com/2PusMUT.jpg
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2021.10.25 11:27 Nalifort First time coloring manga

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2021.10.25 11:27 171771 Guillain-Barré syndrome, a fatal nerve disorder, now is officially a side-effect of the *vaccine* for a disease that kills 0.0004% of my demographic. SIGN ME UP~!

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2021.10.25 11:27 OkEngine3 Getting more comfortable with the Koda 16

Getting more comfortable with the Koda 16 Starting to feel better about purchasing the Koda 16! Still not perfect, but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction.
Made 4 Neapolitan pizzas last night and was really happy with how they came out. Finally feel like I am getting a better understanding of how to control the temps to not burn the underside, while still managing to be hot enough to melt the cheese.
sorry for the crappy photos, I have no idea how to photograph food to make it look better :)
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2021.10.25 11:27 Psychological_Ice642 This is my friends team, he wants to know where he can improve??

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2021.10.25 11:27 JuggernautClam In honour of our Butterfly Enthusiast 🦋

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2021.10.25 11:27 otakudiary1 Restaurant to Another World Season 2 ‒ Episodes 1-3

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2021.10.25 11:27 D-Ulpius-Sutor Salvete Patres Conscripti! Est a.d. VIII. Kal. Nov.

Greetings honored Senators!
It is the eighth day before the Kalendes of Novembris.
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2021.10.25 11:27 Objective-Season4396 What would be the best place for a Pleistocene park in the United States? What species would you introduce or resurrect for this park?

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2021.10.25 11:27 Joep-07 Just got a dorritos bag and got a dubbel xp code for my PS4 and there are 13 letters instead of so i can’t redeem the code does somebody nows what to do

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2021.10.25 11:27 Ceiph_ali What’s your first impression 😛 also message me if you wanna be friends 😇

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2021.10.25 11:27 Boss4316 Maria Sansone See Thru Sweater - NBC Boston

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