The Engineer

2021.09.27 20:48 Pickpokcet The Engineer

Clad in tattered cloths, which hung listlessly from it's frame the figure weaved its way through the busy port-come-market. Every few movements an odd skip-shuffle as they twirled and shifted around far larger, and far bulkier beings. Each dexterous dodge joined with the faint clank of metal tools and the groan of an over laden pack.
It was this poorly balanced sight which first greeted Mi'Yaarin, A Huuran in his middle adult stage, and this odd, well wrapped entity which extended a hand, the tattered fabrics receding slightly to reveal a set of five pink, near porcelain digits. At first this oddly delicate structure caught his attention, only for the single visible pupil of almost radiant green hidden beneath the deep hood and almost vantablack fur - Which later would be explained to him as hair - to steal his focus entirely.
"You posted for an engineer?" For the distinct difference in apparent height and approximate form, the creature spoke Huuri with near perfection - A fact which only clicked when the universal translator finished converting the speak into Galactic Common - "So. When do I start?" An odd weight found itself threaded through the upbeat intonation, a view of lead woven into the mixture of excitement and pride. "Ooo, I've got a box being delivered to this bay soon, just so you know."
"You… The Engineer. Yes. This way." Gesturing up the lowered ramp the Huuran turned slightly, pausing mid step. "What are you Engineer? You are too small for a Karak, Too thin for a Jurrin and… You certainly are no Phage."
"Oh. You can just call me Engineer, or E I guess… If you really want." Without waiting they set off once more, booted feet carrying the wrapped figure up the ramp, causing Mi'Yaarin to have to start jogging to catch up.
"That does not answer my question?"
"Is what I am even that important? This is the rim, there's pirates and adventure, that's all that is important. No?"
"I suppose so… Okay then, why did you sign on? It's hardly the most comfortable ship, and in the least safe portion of the galaxy."
"Whither the wild wind blows, so too goes my heart… That. Ahem. I'm just going where the Solar winds blow me."
"A wanderer then."
"Did the backpack give that away?"
"No, well yes. Ach, nevermind. This way." With a sigh he placed a hand against a pad recessed into the wall, waiting a moment before the door opened. "Need to sca-"
"Scan my hand right? Get all the permissions and shi- and stuff set up. Gottit". Unwrapping a hand, the appendage was then pressed to the scanner, ending in a gentle bleep and a ping. Biometric print now registered, they turned back, grinning at the Huuran. A deeply unsettling display of teeth, some for grinding, some for tearing, all a clear demarcation of a predator.
"Where to next, Captain?" Spoke the entity with its rows of bone razors.
The Huuran captain had been right about the lack of comfort the Engineer allowed herself to concede. The cabin allotted to them was tucked in beside the engine room, which meant two things. One, it was hot, uncomfortably so, clearly whoever had planned out the accommodations had forgotten to consider habitability for the space. Two, it was oddly shaped, the entire floor plan square save for the half-moon cut out where the engine itself backed against the room, an unfortunate situation which led to the bed being raised to just under two feet from the ceiling.
But still, it worked for their purposes there was a small desk and a few power ports snug but liveable if the occupant had some form of passive cooling that is. Kneeling they began to go through the backpack, withdrawing a tool kit as large as their torso before setting it down and returning to the pack once more, retrieving a square plate which was dutifully set against the wall. A button press later and the plate extended out into a full length mirror.
A slight sigh escaped their lips as the last of the wrappings were removed, the shoulder length, light absorbing black hair swaying slightly under the effects of a forcefully boosted air-cycler vent. She felt good, standing there playfully throwing a few stupid poses at the mirror. It definitely looked good to see fibrous muscles dance beneath painted skin. A smile crept across her lips then, the expression widening as the tell tale feeling of a ship breaking orbit rumbled beneath her feet. "Onwards and upwards" a mumbled phrase offered to no-one in particular as they returned to the tool kit, hoisting the mass of metal and plastic in a way that would have had the captain staring in disbelief. "Time t' see what I'm workin with".
The ship itself followed through on the theme, an old military surplus clunker from a border war so minor and so old no-one really remembered or cared about it. To this a cargo bay had been welded. At least it was space worthy. Well space worthy enough. The entire motif pulled together by the half dozen crew members, and their half dozen species. A thrown together ship with a thrown together crew.
This excited the Engineer, almost as much as the chance to tinker with the sub-light engines excited them. Something that they knew inspired equal parts curiosity and fear in the captain over the last few days. But the captain was neither here nor there at present. The work request had been cleared and the Rising Kerrak would be at FTL for the next twelve hours or so. Therefore, the Engineer set to work.
There is something truly humbling about seeing plasma manifolds disassembled and stacked in a sorting system so complex it would appear as chaos to the untrained eye - Or perhaps it simply was a kind of carefully curated chaos - something awe inspiring in watching an odd furless ape creature with painted flesh and an apparent need for very little clothing clamber and swing across a multi-million credit engine bay like it was a child's playroom. It was only further terrifying to watch said ape disconnect a live thermal pump and then jack that still active pump directly into the Sub-light buffer. Equal parts terrifying and mesmerizing.
The ape abruptly let go of the pipe they were hanging from, allowing their form to fall a few feet before both hands shot out to grab a passing support, the momentum being used to swing them up and over, legs hooking over the bar as she then hung inverted, staring at the observer. "Can I help ya little guy?"
The alien blinked slightly, the sudden speech from the ape breaking him finally out of the strange mesmerization that had settled upon his shoulders since the moment he'd entered the bay. "U,Wu- Ahem. I needed to ask about-" a bead of clear liquid formed and slowly ran down the Ape's abdomen, leaving a faint trail which glimmered under the glow cast by the engine. Cocking her head slightly their features contorted in confusion, followed by a ripple passing through it's form as the engineer shifted themself.
"Ask about what, little guy?" That was a little insulting, after all Zini was at least a full head taller than his brood mates. It wasn't his fault this ape Engineer stood a good two heads above the tallest Auktien. It took all he could to avoid rising to the insult, however unwitting it may have been.
"Yes, I needed to ask about- Ask about…" it was growing harder and harder to think straight in this heat, his tongue lolled out in a desperate attempt to radiate away some excess heat somehow. "Shower?" The word was offered at a near whine as the oppressive atmosphere seemed to weigh heavier.
With a slight shrug the ape simply let go then, descending in a freefall only to land with a solid, but oddly harmless Ka-thunk against the floor plating. She straightened up and gestured towards the bay doors again, making a concerning series of high pitched squeaks as it followed him out.
It was fascinating watching the ape work on the plumbing. Seeing how quickly the damaged pipes were isolated, removed and replaced only serving to sire more questions as to why it had not been repaired sooner, the captain surely could have spared some money months ago for this. The ape, to her credit, didn't seem all that bothered by his hovering. Or by the way he kept asking questions.
In fact she had found it rather endearing, watching the little Red-Panda esque being handing her requested tools and holding parts in that adorable way. It led to more than a few tense moments where he would try to avoid her hands as the Engineer subconsciously reached out to pet him like some common animal.
"I… Have another question?" Holding out the size 30 square bore wrench Zini finally decided to voice his thoughts.
"And, that'd be?"
"What… Actually are you. I mean, what species are you."
"It's really not that important. You're not going to find any more, they headed the other direction entirely.
"Well, where are you from then?"
"Past the galactic rim, pretty much on the other side of the local group from what I can put together."
"How… How are you from past the rim? You couldn't cross that distance in a whole lifetime!"
"You'd be surprised."
"Okay, fine! Those paintings on your back, are they tribal marks?"
"Uh… No. Not tribal marks, or well. Not all of them."
"What do you- Do all of your kind have them?"
"Oh, no. No, in fact some places wouldn't even hire you if you have them."
"Why would they discriminate over tribal marks?"
"My kind are just… They drew a lot of arbitrary lines in places." Deftly the engineer withdrew a small pouch from her kit, piercing it with the provided straw and taking a large gulp.
"Why are you so wet?"
Bursting into a spluttering cough as the mouthful of flui-pak first went down the wrong way, and then proceeded to coat the opposite wall in the electrolytic mess of rehydrants.
"Are you okay? Are you injured?"
"No, no. M'fine"
For a few minutes the silence settled, Zini afraid to raise any further questions and the engineer clearly not interested in restriking conversation. "So… You said they are tribal marks?" It was a tentative question offered in the low grumbling tone that signalled apologies to the Auktien.
"Ya. Least what you guys call them. We call them Tattoos."
"Tattoos? And do they still mark one's tribe?"
"They can. We… Use them for a whole mess of things. Uh, fuck, here." Setting down the wrench she stood up, having to keep her knees partially bent so as to allow herself to see the mass of images in the bathroom's mirror. "Okay, see this one? That's for my brother, he was the best damned pilot I knew." She pointed to the depiction of a pitch black object, all sleek angles and burning engines. "And this one is from the Third Colonial Engineers." Again her finger shifted, pointing to the large image which took up the greater part of skin over the upper center of her back, what appeared to be a planet behind which a rifle and a wrench sat crossed.
"What are- Are these Third Colonial Engineers your clan? Does your kind have clans for every profession?"
"My clan? I… Guess you could say that. Yeah, a clan. Sure that's my clan, Col Three. A clan of one." She shifted slightly, eyes dancing over the rest of the tapestry covering her back, the more personal marks hidden by the band of fabric protecting what little dignity remained. Her face contorted slightly then as the memories behind the art began to rise. She ducked back down abruptly after that returning to loosening a bolt in what she would hope would be silence.
"Why is it a clan of one."
"Because it is."
"But why? Are you the clan matriarch? Surely there must be some males, or other females out the-"
There was a look, one that turned the Auktien's blood to ice under it's piercing, withering gaze. "No more questions." To his credit Zini fell silent and remained so till the task was completed and the Engineer stalked off into the dimly lit corridor. He enjoyed a nice, cold, long shower after that letting the icy water take the sweat, heat and awkwardness away with it. By the time the luxury was over he had lodged a mental note to inquire about doing something to reduce the ambient temperature of the ship as a whole.
After the Engineer had time to cool off of course.
Or atleast after she had managed to move past that little faux pas.
Hi all, This is (hopefully) the first part of what I hope to turn into a longer narative.
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A job i have had 2 interviews for has sent me an email 2 weeks ago saying that they will send me a job offer soon, but a lot of their staff are away on conference. I understand this, because I have a feeling I know what conference they went to, which would require most of their staff. So i decided to give them the conference week, and the week after. But I haven't gotten a response yet. I sent an email first thing in the morning to just "touch base" but haven't gotten an answer yet.
I am a bit impatient right now because this job requires me to move across the country, my GF and I will have to uproot and move. having to have a lot of plans kind of in limbo is a bit annoying, and I would like an answer so I can actually make a decision on whether I'm staying or not.
Should I wait till the end of this week to get a response? give them a call in a day or 2? or just assume I haven't gotten it at this point...
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i want to get something reliable and decent sized not like compact or anything, also like with good safety features i guess you could say. any suggestions or help is very much appreciated!!
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I need you to also mention if you into masculine or fem guys, I mean let me make my case for you to understand.
I am into masculine guys, and some weeks ago I was that gorgeous British masc guy, he was trying to speak French (since I'm very fluent, it's my second language and English is my 4th). He got frustrated when he can't find the words, and the frustration was very masculine and natural, and it was probably the cutest thing I ever seen, and I kissed him for that perfect little moment of happiness.
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Yeah. they're just lazy. Its their life and they can live how they want. Unless they spend 2-3 hours off cooking really hard amazing dishes for the working spouses and do all household work, it is not an equal partnership in terms of workload
SAHW/SAHH are fucking lazy
this does not in anyway relate to SAHM/SAHD
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I won't go into too much detail but the short version is that a terrible hex of some kind was placed on my wife and I from persons unknown. It has lead to some terrible tragedies and misfortunes for us this year. Things that are so improbable its clear there's some dark magic at play here.
Does anyone know a local Roma person with "the sight" or a shamanic healer of some type who might be able to help us identify whatever this is?
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Question dans le titre mais pour contexte, ma carte de RAMQ expire en 10/21. N'ayant ni reçu d'avis de renouvellement ou de carte, je me suis rendu compte que mon changement d'adresse était pas fait, je l'ai fait, j'ai attendu que la demande soit complétée, pis là j'ai fait ma demande et ça prend 10 jours ouvrables avant d'avoir le formulaire...
Le hic c'est que mon rdv pour ma 2e dose est début octobre et que j'ai de fortes chances de ne pas avoir reçu le formulaire (parlons même pas de la carte lol) avant mon rdv. Je sais qu'on peut se faire vacciner même sans RAMQ donc est-ce que je vais pouvoir avoir ma 2e dose pareil en présentant ma carte expirée? Est-ce que je dois avoir d'autres documents ou information?
J'ai essayé le clavardage de clic santé mais c'est juste un robot qui ne m'est d'aucune utilité pour ma question.
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