human flags!! part 1 (the offline codes are in comments, u can change the clothes )

2021.09.27 21:37 forky_20091inroblox human flags!! part 1 (the offline codes are in comments, u can change the clothes )

human flags!! part 1 (the offline codes are in comments, u can change the clothes )
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2021.09.27 21:37 Konradleijon Brazil high court suspends Indigenous land rights case - Latin America, News, Paganism, Politics, World

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2021.09.27 21:37 Matsuyama_Mamajama The "real" Commander Cody???

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2021.09.27 21:37 JimmGrant Thoreum .....

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2021.09.27 21:37 blimunda25 Curled up kitty

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2021.09.27 21:37 mlalssid Which screen protectors are compatible with the otterbox symmetry series+ (13 pro)?

I am shopping online for a screen protector and I want to make sure the one I get works with the case I have which is an otterbox symmetry series+ for the iphone 13 pro. Anyone has suggestions?
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2021.09.27 21:37 Fiscal_Sloth [JOB][IMPROMPTU] "Measure Twice, Cut Once" {2021-09-27 22:00 (UTC)}

{2021-09-27 22:00 (UTC)}
Player count: 2-3
Duration: 2-3, 4 hardcap
Communication: Discord for voice and Roll20 for crunch. SR5 + Hub House-rules + Table Rules
In Game Location: Seattle
Threat Level: Comm Static Overwhelming noise in here as well, get a SatLink like TD has

Job Posting:

[Verified Johnson][Recovery]  
Note from GM: run in ~2.5 hours, pick out ~30 mins prior.
Prerequisites: Willingness to work with a newer Hub GM, and be courteous to other players at the table. Please understand the rules relating to the mechanics of your character. If you are still learning how the rules work, include that when writing your app.
Required OOC Response: Please include your character sheet, role, familiarity with said role, if you've run five or less times on the Hub, if you've run in the past two weeks, and Discord handle. Please also note any major corporate/syndicate/organizational connections you have.
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2021.09.27 21:37 shaunoxley RESIDENT EVIL 4 | QUEST 2 GAMEPLAY TRAILER

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2021.09.27 21:37 fatherandyriley Some ideas I have for a Super Mario Bros movie

First I'd have Tim Burton directing it. As for casting I'm not sure but I reckon Tim Curry would be a great Bowser and Danny Devito would make a great Wario.
Rather than Mario and Luigi being from New York but ending up in the Mushroom Kingdom the film is set entirely in the Mushroom Kingdom which is a mixture of fantasy and the modern world, similar to Odyssey. I'd make it a buddy comedy adventure with Mario being the straight man to Luigi who dreams of adventure.
So one day Mario and Luigi are fixing a sink at Princess Peach's palace and Mario gets chatting to Peach while working with Peach turning out to be quite modest and humble and appreciates how Mario talks to her as an equal rather than a superior. Bowser launches a surprise attack on the castle and kidnaps Peach, Toadsworth and her guards.
So Mario and Luigi set off on their adventure to rescue Peach with Toadette providing them with some items to help them. Along the way they meet Peach's feisty cousin Daisy and her pet Yoshi who join them on their quest. One of the obstacles they encounter on their way are Wario and Waluigi who try to steal their items.
When it comes to how I'd have Bowser portrayed I'd try and make him both threatening and hilarious. It's shown one of the reasons he kidnapped her is because he thinks she'd make a good mother for Jr who still finds his dad as embarrassing as any other kid finds their parents.
I'd have a couple of bosses from the games in the film e.g. Kamek and Petey Pirahna
Not sure what I'd do for the climax.
I think I'd make the main message of the movie is that anyone can be a hero.
If they made a sequel one idea I had is that the characters start off on their holidays but Bowser sends the koopalings after Mario, Yoshi and Peach who are joined by Birdo. Meanwhile Wario and Waluigi run a haunted mansion and convince Luigi and Daisy to go in but the 4 get trapped inside as they learn the mansion really is haunted and must work together to escape the clutches of King Boo, a close ally of Bowser and are helped by Professor E Gadd.
One idea I had for a third film is Bowser forming an alliance with King K Rool and the Mario Brothers teaming up with the Kongs.
I think an adaptation of the galaxy games could work as a fourth film.
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2021.09.27 21:37 MiserableSnow A new Framewalk: SM64's Most Controversial Speedrunning Trick? - Simply

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2021.09.27 21:37 sanfran54 Jean-Luc Ponty - Mirage

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2021.09.27 21:37 aal1002 Amex Platinum Travel Credit Question - Use in the Admirals Club

Hi community!
I was curious - if you made purchases inside an Admirals Club, such as premium liquor or food, would the credit be triggered?
Thanks in advance for the help!
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2021.09.27 21:37 Apprehensive-Ebb7647 Me When multiplayer comes out and people want to join me.

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2021.09.27 21:37 jpjule Wait time after sending in additional info from bank to use cash out function

Hello fellow drivers. I'm curious what the wait time is after you have sent in the additional information from your bank wanted by GrubHub for use of the instant cash out feature. I emailed them a copy of a Direct Deposit Form. I'm guessing it will take them forever to update it but hoping I'm wrong about that. I assume they like sitting on our money for a week. Any answers from what you have experienced would be appreciated. Thanks. Safe travels and big tips for all.
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2021.09.27 21:37 Throwawaytoday303 Poor Mella.

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2021.09.27 21:37 Junkstarr Any major differences between EK Vardar S and EK Vardar EVO fans?

Except the zero RPM mode on the evos?
Looking to buy an EK Aio with 3 vardar S fans. Want to get 6 additional fans and the vardar s are not available
Thanks in advance
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2021.09.27 21:37 Kejmtj82 Just because I was pulled over for drinking and driving, doesn't make me an alcoholic.

I'll start out by saying that I know this will be an unpopular opinion but hear me out.
I recently was pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol. I'm currently in the process of waiting on sentencing, while I've lost my license for 6 months and restricted driving for another 5 months (in State of MI through SoS handles this). Per my first probation meeting, I'm blowing into a breathalyzer 4 times a day (every 6 hours) and will do so for 37 days until sentencing where they'll "assess" and decide if I need to do it longer. I take full responsibility for my actions. I drank too much, thought I could drive the 4 miles home, swerved slightly, and was pulled over. I complied with the sobriety test, breathalyzer and blood test, spent a night in jail and now am awaiting sentencing, which will be 5 months after my arrest. Yes, it takes that long.
Here is my unpopular opinion. There is an automatic assumption that because you drank too much and drove (which is so bad and I know I am so lucky no one was hurt) you are an alcoholic. You are monitored, forced into AA meetings, counseling, and the 4x a day breathalyzer because you must be right? But in the state of Michigan it is not a crime to drink. Yes, it is a crime to drink and drive, and you lose your license because of it. But why is it the right of the court to take away your right to drink something that is legal? Why are you forced to do AA, counseling, etc,? The breathalyzer alone is $165 a month. Counseling is $150 per session.
And the thought is that because you're an alcoholic, you'll now live a "sober life." Again, I'm not trying to downplay the severity of my actions, or admit that I messed up royally that night, and I will most definitely oblige to whatever is given to me. I will never drink and drive again. Heck, I will never do anything to disobey the law again because of this experience. It's just not worth it. But I'm not convinced that I won't ever drink again. I haven't drank in 5 months and it doesn't bother me. I don't wake up everyday and crave alcohol. I'll admit to using alcohol to numb feelings and not worry about other shit, but who hasn't done that? Does that make you an automatic alcoholic?
I know the thought process is, if we make the punishment super harsh you will never do it again. Maybe? How many people do though?
I will get through all of this and come out better because of it, but I wanted to share my unpopular opinion.
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2021.09.27 21:37 onceyouhadgold Proctored coding test for job application, is it too intrusive?

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2021.09.27 21:37 Leonpetrou125 Is it normal for the barbell to hurt my back during squats?

I don't have back pain from poor form I mean when the barbell pushes down into your back, like all that weight hurts at the point of contact. Is this normal? Should I be worried?
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2021.09.27 21:37 ---Tsing__Tao--- Got a cold, just found out the kids got exposed to COVID at school and we have to quarantine, so the only logical thing is to bang out a crazy difficult routine of unbroken burpees.

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2021.09.27 21:37 IsThereAGodOMG Had this bug some days ago where everyone in the match got unlimited health

Is this common? everyone kept shooting each other, and you just reach 1 hp, then you dont lose hp anymore. And after reaching 1hp, if noone shot you for a while, you regenerated back to full hp.
Everyone stayed for hours just messing around, and it was honestly fun, but something I noticed was you leveled up from shooting people even tho noone died
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2021.09.27 21:37 LilAjaxx I would never ever pull out ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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2021.09.27 21:37 CaptainFro What the Frick is going on with Braden!?!?

Have we heard anything more about Smith? They said IR wasn't in the cards but if he misses another week then what was the point? What is the actual injury? Why is there still no timetable?I'm sick of the smoke and mirrors with Colts injuries.
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2021.09.27 21:37 heinaga1989 ๐Ÿบ$WallStreetCoin- โฐ Listing On PancakeSwap 20:30 UTC - โฐOnly 1 Hour Left - Anti-Whale ๐Ÿณ Anti-Bot โŒ - ๐Ÿ’ฐSuccessful Private Sale In 30 Seconds Raising 300BNB๐Ÿ’ฐ - ๐Ÿ“ฑ 8,000 TG Members

๐ŸบWelcome to WallStreetCoin๐Ÿบ
Letโ€™s get real for a second. With Shitcoinโ€™s launching everyday and also reddit and forums being spammed with these garbage coins everyday. Its hard to see which ones have true potential in the mist of the rubbish that is floating aroundโ€ฆ
The token will be promoted by the community and will be a community project where the value is given by the community by acquiring
๐Ÿ‘€ Is it safe? ๐Ÿ‘€
๐Ÿ” If youโ€™re still worried about being rug-pulled have no worries. We will be locking the liquidity pool and will announce the contract before hand.
๐Ÿ” Everyone will be able to see the contract and be able to decide themselves. All investments are risks. Only put what youโ€™re willing to lose.
๐Ÿ”ฅ Are You Ready? ๐Ÿ”ฅ
๐Ÿ† We want you guys on board, so make sure to join our social links to stay notified! We want to be transparent as possible. If you have any questions please ask.
๐Ÿ”ฅ Weโ€™re looking forward to seeing you guys!
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Why ๐ŸบWallStreetCoin๐Ÿบ?
โœ… Successful Private Sale In 30 Seconds Raising 300BNB๐Ÿ’ฐ
โœ… Utility Token
โœ… PooAds Coming Soon๐Ÿ’ฉ
โœ… Anti-Whale๐Ÿณ
โœ… +8,000 TeleGram Members in less than an HOUR ready to buy!
โœ… This Coin Is realy Hot, automatically burns 2% on each transaction ๐Ÿ”ฅ
โœ… Ownership renounced
โœ… Locked contract
โœ… Fair launch, all tokens purchased
โœ… Holders gain more tokens via reflection
โœ… Each transaction has a portion auto locked raising the price floor
โœ… Contract renounced (token is out of the control of the dev team).
โœ… 50% of supply "burned" at launch - halving the total supply immediately.
โœ… Liquidity pool locked.
โœ… Contract verified on BSC Scan
โœ… 2 security audits passed - 3rd audit pending
๐Ÿš€Official Launch: September 27th 20:30 UTC.
๐Ÿ“ฑ Join TG Chat:
๐Ÿ’ป Website:
๐Ÿ”— Sliperage: 5%
๐Ÿ“CONTRACT: 0xc91bE576D55F3ca6808413C5b7Ce3Dd7F72003D8
๐Ÿ’ฐ BUY PancakeSwap:
๐Ÿ“ˆ Chart:
๐Ÿš€ Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000
๐Ÿš€ Tokens for pancakeswap: (50%)
๐Ÿš€ Burned tokens: (50%)
๐Ÿฅฐ 1% For Marketing & Donations
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2021.09.27 21:37 Chile-con-carne First time on Reddit, so Iโ€™m testing out the works haha. Painting of Myla because she deserves better. Donโ€™t mind me, just trying to explore

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