/r/afcbest is live!

2021.09.27 21:26 Aduckonquack97 /r/afcbest is live!

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2021.09.27 21:26 eff_yeah_nana [unknown>english]Can you help me figure out the language and meaning behind some of these markings on an old necklace?

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2021.09.27 21:26 Youknowwhoitsme Shooting on semi / FIFA22

For those who use semi on shooting instead of assisted:
I played with the shooting on semi since probably FIFA 16! It usually was pretty similar as the year before and i felt like i could always control my shots better than with assisted.
This year tho, it seems REALLY hard!
Does anyone have experience with shooting settings other than assisted?
What is the best way to practise?
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2021.09.27 21:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Settlement reached in suit over Alabama student’s suicide | Toronto Star

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2021.09.27 21:26 kngkhn Porn vs prolactin

Can watching too much potn or masturbating cause high prolactin
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2021.09.27 21:26 janissary58 valve pls don't fix, ty.

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2021.09.27 21:26 PsychologyonDemand Clark's Panic formulation - How to understand your panic attacks.

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2021.09.27 21:26 Background-Serve8264 🔥 MoonX - Launching Soon [0 Days old] Hyper Deflationary Utility Token w/ Use Case [$0 Market Cap] A BurningMoon X MoonX Collaboration 👀 with Legendary Dev Rainhard🔥

MoonX is a hyper deflationary Utility Token that will revitalize the BSC space and bring the crypto community together on this unified mission to the moon. It will be the native currency on ProjectX aiding activities such as, but not limited to: a charting platform, dext swap, launchpad, NFT minting, token bridge, escrow services, plus more!
Website : https://moonxbsc.com/
💰 Contract: 0x3a99a74d78e676609fe3e627d64e7bf0c83229b6
MoonX is designed to increase in value as time progresses via its anti-gravitational auto-burning mechanism.
MoonX will be the fuel of the future, so let your imagination run wild with the thought of a fully comprehensive platform that gives the end-user and projects alike, all the tools & functionalities they require on a single platform!
The strategic relationship between MoonX and ProjectX enables both entities to work in unison with one another and offer each other the freedom to thrust their way to the top of the crypto universe!
Our mission is to provide true value through utility and scarcity.
What Is ProjectX?
ProjectX intends to change the way we interact with Cryptocurrency as a whole. It will be the one stop shop for all of your needs simplifying the journey for both new and old enthusiasts alike.
For strategic reasons, we will not be revealing everything that ProjectX will provide until we are further into the development of the platform and ready to reveal it.
Utility Token:
✅ 10 Million Tokens Max Supply
✅ 5 Million tokens burned immediately on launch
✅ 5 Million Remaining
✅ Presale allocation: 1.5 Million
✅ Pancake swap Liquidity: 1.5 Million
✅ Team allocation: 750,000
✅ Project Development: 1.25M
✅ Solid Marketing Plan
✅ Coin Websites, CoinmarketCap, Coingecko and CEX Exchanges
✅ Utility token for ProjectX
2% Reflection (Auto Burn)
4% Marketing, 3% Platform Development, 2% Giveaway
4% Distributed To Liquidity Pool
Contract Features:
✅ Whale Protection - Max Wallet size will be 1% of the total supply
✅ Dump Protection at launch
✅ Auto Burns - Occurs during buy and sell transactions
✅ Auto Liquidity - Generated through buy and sell transactions
Start Platform Development
Listings on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap CoinHunt etc.
Community Building Missions & Rewards
1st Marketing Campaign
5 million token Community Burn
Token Contract Audit
White Paper Rollout
Website Launch
Website : https://moonxbsc.com/
🔥 Contract: 0x3a99a74d78e676609fe3e627d64e7bf0c83229b6
🔥Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x3a99a74d78e676609fe3e627d64e7bf0c83229b6
🔥Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x3a99a74d78e676609fe3e627d64e7bf0c83229b6#readContract
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2021.09.27 21:26 RandisHolmes Been rereading the first trilogy and I can’t stop reading all of Black Dow’s lines in Roy Kent’s voice

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2021.09.27 21:26 carl2990 Second Red Light in 10 days

Hello!I recently got an eero 6 with my new isp YouFibre.
Twice in the past 10 days the internet has dropped and the eero turns red.
At first I thought it was the ISP connection, but the modem is working successfully.
Tried different ethernet cables between router and eero and doesn't seem to be this causing any issues.
To get the eero working again the first time, I had to do a full/hard reset and configure everything again from scratch.
Second time, I did a soft reset, eero went into pairing mode, app detected the device but realised it already existed. At this point, the eero light turned white and started working again.
Is there any logs that can be checked, or does only the ISP have access to do this?
Only thing to note is the eero was quite warm to the touch.
Topology nothing special. Modem to Eero 6 which serves all devices. I also have a pihole and a second older spare router which just acts as an ethernet hub/switch but I can disconnect all of this and just run eero if required to troubleshoot.
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2021.09.27 21:26 photophinishphyllis Switch card rolodex I just printed and assembled!

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2021.09.27 21:26 OneAtheistJew How Meghan Became Victim to the Right-Wing Tabloid Agenda - Recommended by Sussex Squad Pod

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2021.09.27 21:26 whoisjoe123 18 years of age needing advice for beginner

Hello to keep it short and simple I’m 5”9 and 18 years of age and 220 pounds I would like to lose 50lb obviously everyone wants fast results but I would rather do it right and Im not a “fat” looking person as people say but in the mirror I feel as if I am I used to be really I shape with soccer and cross country I can still run for a long time just not as much and don’t have any idea what to eat and would love just a workout routine and diet advice for anyone trying to make myself happy thanks Reddit !
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2021.09.27 21:26 abdul__mabutu I like to fuck the sexy women.

I like to taste them. ❤
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2021.09.27 21:26 Novel_Bet4869 abusive household please advice

hi. i have a problem at the moment and i need some advice. i am currently 15 years old and turning 16 in january. throughout my whole life my parents have been abusive and i want to leave them because i cant handle it anymore and want to leave them, in this country i am it at the moment child abuse is not taken seriously and i cant leave. the police and the government will not suppport me so i wish to return to the uk. i am currently in a third world country but i have a british citizenship (i might return back to the uk soon though). i have a sibling that lives there who is 18 turning 19 in november and she escaped and is living off of student loans in a university accommodation, (so thought maybe that is relevant). i am also really bothered about it because i dont have any proof that my parents are abusive, in fact my parents are lovebombing me right now after my sister leaved and are trying to guiltrip me into staying with them. do you have any advice in this regard?
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2021.09.27 21:26 KingDrake5 Does the GO XLR Mini have active monitoring, if so is their a delay ?

Simple question, does the GO XLR Mini have active monitoring and is their a delay ? Thanks
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2021.09.27 21:26 Lumberjack073 Got my favourite Dragon Ball character done today at Tattoo Joop & Boy, Netherlands, Den Bosch

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2021.09.27 21:26 caderutz MAILDAY! exquisite auto of one of the QB goats! Really deserves alot more recognition, god damn vikes cant win a SB tho

MAILDAY! exquisite auto of one of the QB goats! Really deserves alot more recognition, god damn vikes cant win a SB tho submitted by caderutz to footballcards [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 21:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Mississippi gov: Still no word on medical marijuana session | Toronto Star

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2021.09.27 21:26 howdoufeelaboutsnail 21 should be the new age of consent

Since 21 is the drinking age and age where you can buy tobacco in the US I believe it should also be the age of consent. The age of 18 being the age of consent is creepy. There is no reason for adults to date teenagers and having the age of consent be 21 would eliminate that.
It would also get rid of the teen porn category which is just so gross to me. At 21 you have been out of high school for a few years and are probably finishing up college. 18 year olds are still in high school for the most part.
I know this may seem America centric but the AOC in some countries is like 12 or 13 which is gross. so I am focusing on where I live.
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2021.09.27 21:26 Pooperism NKD been eyeing a Smock for a while

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2021.09.27 21:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - State Dept spokesman tests positive for COVID-19 after UNGA | Toronto Star

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2021.09.27 21:26 xDebzmcx [New] UK/EU Storm City Roleplay Serious RP | Whitelisted | 16+ | Custom Jobs | Custom Interiors and much much more!

Are you looking for a new city then why not come along and check out Storm City Roleplay (PC).

Storm City is a brand new city that is LIVE NOW!!

We are currently recruiting for the following jobs.

-Real Estate

We also have loads of other jobs that can be found in city hall.

If you are interested and want more information then please feel free to check out our discord.

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2021.09.27 21:26 LumenHistoriae I'd like to love God but...

...this sub takes me away from christian catholic faith. It's just filled with people who see sin everywhere (even in reggae) and who remember me more about pharisees (I intend to say, a very legalistic form of faith) than actual 'christians'.
Some people even said that premarital kisses are to be avoided (probably they just want to lose even more other young faithful, I guess?)
Maybe it's just my impression, of couse I may be at fault.
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